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In today�s customer driven economy, Computer Image recognizes the importance of your company maximizing its relationships with its customers. At CI IT we leverage the latest in technology combined with your company�s business strategy to provide the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system possible. At Computer Image, we can provide your enterprise with all of the tools needed to optimize customer relationships to increase revenue, decrease costs and streamline business processes.


We focus on four key areas in devising a CRM strategy for your business. Our Microsoft� based CRM solutions can help your enterprise improve customer service by ensuring access to information from channel to channel within your organization thereby ensuring consistent interaction between your customer and your organization. Whether your customer contacts your firm through email, telephone, or website, our CRM tools will ensure that the latest information about their account history will be accessible by employees in order to avoid repetitive requests for information from the customer. This approach creates a positive, cohesive experience for the customer while also enhancing your ability to collect up-to date customer intelligence for use throughout your organization.


Your organization�s accounting division can also benefit from the implementation of a CRM plan. Accurate and timely billing is an important part of a customer�s perception and loyalty to your business. Computer Image can help streamline your current processes as well as add intranet/internet billing and bill paying options for greater customer convenience.


CRM implementation can benefit your sales department in several key ways. Specific advantages are the increased ability to attract and retain customers, streamline the sales process, reduce the cost of sales initiatives, and increase the ability to up-sell and cross-sell based on enhanced customer intelligence. In addition, CRM allows management to check on their salespersons daily productivity including lead development and follow up and gain an early view of the sales cycle.


The primary driving force behind the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management strategy is to enable your enterprise to successfully compete for the best customers in your industry. The enhanced customer experience across channels in your organization ensures greater customer retention and loyalty.


Let Computer Image leverage its CRM experience to maximize your customer relationships for long term sustainable revenue and quantifiable ROI.







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